What we do

Children come to us to play, learn and socialise, and our staff follow a structured daily routine, to ensure that the children enjoy a full range of activities each day.

Each daily session involves a variety of activities. There is always an arts & crafts table, construction toys, dressing up, the home corner and jigsaw puzzles. Should your child want some quiet time then staff are happy to read stories. Various visits and trips are also arranged throughout the term. Snack time is a chance for the children to sit in their key worker groups enabling them to interact with each other in smaller numbers.

Daily schedule

9:00-am – session begins
9:30-am – morning welcome/ key group time
9:40am– Adult led activities, free play, rolling snack time, access to the garden.
11:25am– 5 minute warning  for tidy up time
11:40am– achievement, story, song and rhyme time
11:50am– children to collect belongings (artwork,bags and coats)

12:00pm – morning session ends

12:30pm –  Lunch
2:00 pm– session ends

We have two groups within the Pre School, the 2 and 3 year olds are called the Caterpillar, and the Pre School children are the Butterflies. Both groups follow the same routine, with adaptations being made based on the children’s ages and abilities. Themes followed are taken from children’s current interests and festivals being celebrated in society. Within each base room, children will be allocated a key worker, providing them with a friendly face to welcome and care for their individual needs throughout every session.

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We have a permanent outdoor area which means children are able to go outside into the garden most days. In the warmer months we keep the door to the garden open (and a member of staff outside) so the children can come in and out as they please.

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